Explore Together Package

Our inspirational Explore Together package helps you find your way on your journey. With fabulous play ideas that build on your experiences from the last class, we aim to increase your confidence and skills, and help you create sensational play at home – well into toddlerdom and beyond!

We love to see the fun you have (we adore both simple activities and full on messy play time, in equal measure) so remember to upload your photos and videos to our Facebook page, tag us on your instagram, and be part of our community – you may even win a prize!

Of course, our class leader is always on hand for advice and tips, and requests for specific play ideas!

What is the Explore Together package?

The Explore Together package consists of

  • Your own personal journal, with photos and videos of your adventures
  • our Mini Guide to sensory play, with simple ideas, recipes and top tips for sensory play at home
  • our Instagram, with easy to replicate, creative play ideas built on experiences from our classes
  • our Pinterest boards, carefully selected for optimum fun
  • regular Newsletters

And for those of you who are keen to find out more about the science behind what we do, you’ll find

  • further information about the skills you are learning with links to further reading and websites
  • Inspiring quotes and links to relevant articles and organisations, via our Facebook and Pinterest pages

Little Explorers has changed the way I play with Ed at home and given me lots of ideas on ways to play and interact with him. We now both have more fun and I feel like I am really developing his play and senses. Most of his favourite toys are things that I have made up for him following a class involving everyday objects around the house.

Kat and Eddie